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Frequently Asked Questions
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Weaver Hydraulic Jacks
And Stands


Made In The USA
 Since 1910


All Weaver  Equipment is Manufactured in the USA
from  Components Supplied by American Companies.



Q.   How are Weaver Jacks Different from other brands?

A.    Weaver Long Chassis Service Jacks are made with a Welded Steel Frame.  Many other brands use a bolt together system. By using a welded frame, the jack has strong structural integrity and consequently achieves a lighter frame weight with the needed strength..  This reduced weight makes the Weaver Jack easier to handle and maneuver than other much heavier jacks. 


Q.    Are Weaver Jacks Made in the United States of America?

A.    Yes, in fact, Weaver Jacks are the oldest manufactured  long chassis service jacks made entirely in the USA, from USA Made Components,  continuously since 1910. No other company has continuously manufactured this style of jack for as long and continuous period as Weaver Jack.


Q.    Why are some of the competing brands cheaper?

A.    The answer lies in the question.  To produce a cheaper product requires that they save money somewhere in the manufacturing  process.  What that means should be self evident.  We routinely receive requests for seal kits for Weaver Jacks that have been in service for over 50 years.

Q.    Some other brands weigh more...doesn't that mean they are better?

A.    No, that means that it takes a lot more steel to make a bolt together jack as strong as a Welded Frame Jack.  It costs less to bolt a jack together, than to weld it.

Q.    The Weaver Name has been around a long time, but so has some of the competitors.  In fact, we have a number of their jacks that we have used for years.

A.    You are correct, However....some of those competitor's brand names were purchased by Foreign Companies or American Affiliates of Foreign Companies.  Some older models  no longer have parts available.  In addition - you can accurately state that your product is "American Made" , when in fact it is made in Mexico or Canada (they are North America, after all) , not the USA.  So - Ask them....is the jack and it's components made entirely in the 50 States of the USA.  Weaver Jacks are.


Q.     How long has Weaver Jack Corp been making Automotive Jacks?

A.   The earliest Jack reference is found in the Book Commercial America, Volume 9 of 1912 featuring the Weaver Auto Twin Jacks. Weaver made lifting products from 1910 onward.   Later this Mechanical Jack was  issued a patent on  10/27/1914 .  In 1928, Weaver began producing a fully hydraulic jack line. - See the Weaver History Page


Q.    What happened to the Weaver Lift Products?

A.    Weaver Lift was purchased by Rotary Lift, who then discontinued the Weaver Lift Product line - See the Weaver History Page


Q.    What other products does Weaver make?

A.    Weaver Jack also produces Safety Lane Equipment, including Brake Testers and Alignment Testers.  Weaver Brake Testers are the most widely used brake testers in the world.



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